Introducing…Do The Work Vol. II

We started the new year and a new American presidency with our Do The Work series as an ongoing platform for education, conversation, and action. Each month, I focused on a different aspect of resistance — in January I wrote about how to protect and educate yourself, February covered allyship, March dealt with direct action, and April’s installments were all about health. Over 100 days in to the new administration, we have witnessed both victories and losses. For every terrible decision to repeal Americans’ rights, a swell of resistance has rose to meet it. We at Conversation X remain worried for our communities while steadfastly committed to supporting their continued survival and growth. As spring begins, we approach our activism with renewed energy and a new approach. For the next installment, I will be featuring interviews with people who do the work — organizing, educating, and supporting communities. Keep an eye out for these inspiring individuals in the coming weeks, and catch up on the rest of the series here.


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